If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“So glad I go to this place! It’s helped me a lot! My teeth are looking better and better with each appointment! Workers here are miracle makers; no lie, I have been able to feel more comfortable with smiling because my teeth are looking way better! Thank you!”

— Fatima M.


“I went in for a consultation for my TMJ problems and was really impressed with Dr. Sanders and his staff. His office is really nicely decorated and the wait was very short. The office is perfect for young people with video games and videos if the wait is longer. Dr. Sanders spent a long time with me going over exactly what was going on with my jaw. I had already been to three dentists and a doctor, so I was not expecting such a thorough consultation and explanation. Although my TMJ cannot be remedied with braces, I walked away with great information.”

— R.T.


“Seriously, as good as it gets! Love the easy-to-schedule appointments, such short waiting periods before you are seen, kind and friendly staff, and Dr. Sanders is really honest and a knowledgeable orthodontist. And best of all, really accommodating with great payment plans.

“When I first went in for a consultation, I was really wanting Invisalign, and after a thorough conversation with Dr. Sanders, he explained my issues wouldn’t completely be fixed with them. But still made it my decision. They then explained my payment options, gave me time to consider, and I never felt pressured to begin treatment right away. My treatment with my regular dentist prior to braces was really extensive and I appreciated Dr. Sanders for not pressuring me to come in till I felt comfortable with the other work being done. Just goes to show you that they’re very comfortable with the service they provide, that they know you will be back to use them.

“When I did get my braces, the assistants are really aware of how you feel, asking for abnormal activity happening, or just engaging in your new lifestyle with braces. Due to my hectic lifestyle as a flight attendant, I LOVE how easy it is for me to schedule an appointment on short notice, or reschedule if possible; thank you, guys!! :) Appointments are so quick, I barely get to enjoy the good ambience of the office. And the office is equipped to entertain kids of all ages: video games, movies, free WiFi ;), etc.

“One thing I really love about this office is the diversity of patients Dr. Sanders has: kids, teens, young adults, and adults (my category). But then again, creating beautiful smiles should have no boundaries. Thank you, Dr. Sanders, and team!”

— Xiul M.


“Best orthodontist ever. I’ve been going to Dr. Sanders for a few months now and he has been nothing but helpful. He’s real knowledgeable about what he does, but at the same time has a lot of patience and is willing to squeeze time out of the day to explain things.

“I’m more of the paranoid type and I’ve literally sat down with him like five times to discuss my treatment and things that are bothering me. He had recommended a treatment plan for me that was great and a good price, but I didn’t want to be in braces for two years so I went with a lesser method and even though it’s not whats the best, he’s willing to work with me and try and make it right.

“The place is awesome. TVs everywhere, and a game room with 2 Elite Xbox 360s. Everything is just chill, man; makes you feel taken care of when you walk in.

“Do yourself a favor and check this place out before you get any ortho work done. I had first got my free consultation, but never got work done until more than six months later, but they were cool with that. I’ll be seeing them for at least a year, but I know I’m taken care of.”

— David S.


“This place is really nice, with lots of things for kids to do while they’re waiting, but also good for adults. Dr. Sanders is such a great orthodontist. He seems really knowledgeable and he takes the time to explain things really well. He’s personable and kind and the work he does seems top-notch. I am so glad that we’re going here and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new orthodontist.”

— Jan T.

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